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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Red Tape Awareness Week 2013 – Join the revolution…

Red tape affects everyone. It's the line you wait in for an hour, only to find out it was the wrong line. It's the form you fill out to confirm that you filled out another form. It's the rule that has no reason, the process that makes no sense.

When it comes to running a small business in Canada, red tape is everywhere, it's the $30 billion "hidden tax" that leads to lost jobs, stress in the workplace and higher prices for goods and services.

Coming January 21-25, Canada's 4th annual Red Tape Awareness Week is an opportunity for all Canadians to push back against the paper pushers in government.

Knowledge is power, but knowledge is not enough. This year, Red Tape Awareness Week is going beyond awareness to action, beyond education to change.

CFIB launched an online petition – which will be delivered to governments across Canada – along with the following reports and announcements that will shine a light on this costly problem:

  • The Golden Scissors Award: Who's leading the crusade to cut red tape within government?
  • Canada's Red Tape Report (with US comparisons): Breaking down the problem of red tape, by the numbers.
  • Provincial Report Card: Some governments are worse than others when it comes to red tape. How did your province do?
  • CRA Report Card: Grading the Taxman – See how the Canada Revenue Agency treated small business in 2012.
  • Agri-Business Focus: Talk about being stuck in the mud – See how agri-businesses fared against government red tape.
  • Ridiculous Red Tape Stories: You'll be amazed by these real-life stories of red tape run amok in Canada.

Go to the original Canadian Federation of Independent Business article and sign the petition

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